• More open airways reduce snoring
    In case of social snoring
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Snarkning & Sömnapné - Termer & Värden



• Anti-apnoea shield (AAS), apnoea shield, snoring shield: A shield that pulls the lower jaw forward and thereby helps to prevent the tongue from slipping backwards and clogging your airways.

• Apnoea: Respiratory arrest, respiratory pause of more than 10 seconds.

• Bite shield: A shield you get from a dentist if you press together/grind your teeth.

• CPAP: A device/breathing mask that creates an excess pressure in the upper airways and thus keeps the respiratory tract open.

• Habitual snoring: More or less regular snoring.

• Hypopnea: Reduced airflow by at least 50% for more than 10 seconds.

• Mouth breathing: Most people who snore breathe through their mouths. The tongue falls backwards and impedes airflow.

• Nose breathing: Provides both better sleep and oxygenation.

• Obstructive: Clogging, blocking,obstructing.

• OSA: Obstructive sleep apnoea means you have repeated respiratory arrest during sleep. 

• OSAS: Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome, from 5 respiratory arrests per hour of sleep or more, is classified as a disease. This diagnosis brings with it an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes II.

• Situational snoring: People who snore in certain situations such as when they’ve been drinking alcohol, are extremely exhausted, are on certain medications, have a cold or just have a stuffy nose for some other reason.

• Snoring Sound: Vibration, tissues that vibrate.



 Normal values
Less than 5 breathing interruptions per sleep hour.

 Mild sleep apnoea
5-15 breathing interruptions per sleep hour.

 Moderate sleep apnoea
16-30 breathing interruptions per sleep hour.

 Severe sleep apnoea
From 30 breathing interruptions per sleep hour.