• More open airways reduce snoring
    In case of social snoring
    CE-certified medical technical device
    Comfortable chin support
    Patented Swedish invention
    Manufactured in Sweden
    Anti-snore solution
    Call customer support: +46 (0)8 636 50 30
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Snarkning - Hjälpmedel - Svenska Eezyflow sovkrage


Description - Eezyflow sleep collar
Anti-snoring collar

1. Springs.
2. The interior of the top side is designed to be a comfortable support to your chin.
3. The collar has grooves on the neck side to give an airy, cool feeling.
4. The springs are located in so-called screw cups which allow you to adjust the height of the collar.


Eezyflow is intended for adults who can put on and off the collar themselves. Use of this sleep collar is not recommended if there is less than 8 cm between the collarbone and jawbone.