• More open airways reduce snoring
    In case of social snoring
    CE-certified medical technical device
    Comfortable chin support
    Patented Swedish invention
    Manufactured in Sweden
    Anti-snore solution
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Snarkning - Eezyflow sovkrage -Skötselråd


Care instructions

The sleep collar consists of a temperature-responsive viscoelastic foam (polyurethane material). The sleep collar becomes therefore harder/stiffer at low temperatures and softer at higher temperatures.

The sleep collar will feel stiff when you open the packaging after storage and transporta-tion under cold conditions. Allow the collar to reach room temperature before you use it! The sleep collar should be stored in a dry environment.

When travelling by car or plane, it is usually cold in the baggage compartment. Do not press the collar down in a bag/suitcase, as this may cause permanent damage.

The sleep collar must not be folded or pressed together, as the material can be da-maged and the embedded device may break.

The sleeping collar should not be washed/dry cleaned. You can dry it off carefully with a well wrung cloth or you can air it.  The sleep collar must not be used while smoking or while intoxicated.

Some yellowing will occur if this type of polyurethane material is exposed to UV light/oxygen. This is completely natural and does not affect function.

Ideally you should store the sleeping collar with the cover on, or in its storage pouch, for both cosmetic and hygienic reasons.

All of the materials used in the sleeping collar are developed with respect to the fact that it is a product which will be used close/next to the skin. This type of material is also used in some cases in the healthcare industry and in high quality bedding.

The cover and storage pouch are made from Swedish-made cotton-knit, from 100% organic cotton. 

The cover/storage pouch can be washed at 40°-60°. Fasten the self engaging faste-ning system tape before washing. Do not tumble-dry.


When storing and transporting under cold conditions, the collar will feel stiff when you open the package, wait for room temperature before using it!