• More open airways reduce snoring
    In case of social snoring
    CE-certified medical technical device
    Comfortable chin support
    Patented Swedish invention
    Manufactured in Sweden
    Anti-snore solution
    Call customer support: +46 (0)8 636 50 30
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Viktig information


Important information

 How to put on your sleep collar. It is important that the correct side is upwards. Note where the label is placed.

 In order for the sleep collar to function well, it is sometimes required that you sleep with it for several weeks, as snoring results in a certain degree of swelling in the throat.

 In case of suspected sleep apnoea syndrome, ask for a referral to a sleep clinic for an examination and effective treatment. 

 If you have trouble breathing through your nose, you should seek help from an ear, nose and throat doctor.


We do not recommend this sleeping collar, if there is less than 8 cm distance between your collarbone and your jawbone.