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Snarkning reduceras - Friare luftvägar


More open airways

When anaesthesiologists are making sure that an unconscious patient’s airways are kept open, they usually bend the head backwards slightly to widen the throat. They also close their mouths and push their lower jaw forward, so that the tongue doesn’t slip backwards easily. You can try all of these anti-snoring tricks for yourself.

The thickness of your pillow is important, and also how you use it. If the pillow is too high, it’s easy for the neck to bend excessively and for the throat to be narrowed as a result. Try for yourself and see how heavy it feels if you breathe with your head bent forwards in bed instead of bending backwards.

Since the vibrations from snoring often cause some swelling in the throat, you can’t always expect the full effect of anti-snoring measures to happen right away. You should therefore try for at least a few weeks before dismissing a treatment as ineffective.

A trial period also makes good sense, given that snoring can vary in severity from night to night, depending on your body position and variations in nasal congestion, tiredness or alcohol intake.

Snoring gets worse if you lie flat on your back and it decreases if you lie on your side or on your stomach.

Measures that don’t individually cure you snoring completely can provide a significant improvement if they’re used at the same time as other anti-snoring solutions.