• More open airways reduce snoring
    In case of social snoring
    CE-certified medical technical device
    Comfortable chin support
    Patented Swedish invention
    Manufactured in Sweden
    Anti-snore solution
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Mot snarkning - Eezyflow sovkrage - Användning


Instructions before use



Keep in mind that it’s important how you put the collar on and that you keep your hands in the right place. Take the collar in your hands as shown in the pictures. If you hold the ends of the self engaging fastening system tape, the cover will be longer, as the fabric is elasticated. You then risk the collar being too loose. Your chin should not be sliding inside the collar.

1. Stick your chin out and place the sleeping collar so that the chin support is in the right place. Take the sleeping collar in your hands as shown in the picture.

Fold it backwards with your left hand with a firm grip on the collar.

Take the right hand backwards with a firm grip on the sleeping collar.

Fasten the self engaging fastening system tape behind your neck.

The sleeping collar is now correctly in place.

Using the two screw cups in the sleeping collar, you can adjust the height of the collar to fit your neck height.

Nose breathing: The nose purifies, humidifies and regulates the temperature of inhaled air. This improves oxygenation and you sleep better.

Relax completely and let your head rest on/against the sleeping collar. We recommend sleeping on your side. Breathing is less restricted and you sleep more soundly. When res-ting/sleeping in a seated position, you also minimise/avoid getting a stiff neck/dry mouth.