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Advice for self-care

Sleep experts believe that it’s good sometimes to try out various methods at the same time to achieve the best results. On this spread you can see what the professionals recommend.

As the vibrations from snoring can often cause some swelling in the throat, you should try a method / treatment for at least a few weeks before dismissing it. One reason is that snoring can vary in severity from night to night. Among other things, depending on body position, variations in nasal congestion and tiredness or alcohol intake.

Self-care for snoring:

• If you’re overweight - try to get down to a normal weight. Even a small amount of weight loss can provide improvement

• Avoid sleeping on your back

Avoid bending your neck forward during sleep, it can clog up/tighten the throat. Instead, stretch your neck backwards for easier breathing

 Avoid mouth breathing during sleep

• Try to quit smoking

• Reduce alcohol intake

• Try nasal dilators that widen the nostrils

• Nasal medicine if prescribed

• Tape your mouth with a piece of surgical tape from top to bottom

• Snoring splint - Check the state of your teeth with your dentist before

• Snoring belt

• Attach a tennis ball to the back of a t-shirt

There isn’t any universal product on the market that can solve everyone's problems with snoring. If you’re a patient type of person and you try out each of the recommendations available, you should see an improvement, which could be crucial if you want to avoid having someone punch you in your back.

In case of suspected sleep apnoea syndrome, 5 respiratory arrests or more per hour of sleep, contact a doctor/sleep clinic for an examination and effective treatment.


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