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The Eezyflow story


The Eezyflow story

I have lived with snorers since I was 10 years old. On occasion, the noise level was unbearable. This contributed to frustration and many nights on sofas, in the nursery and, at times, I even found myself sleeping with the dog under the stars in the archipelago instead of on our boat.

Thirty years of frustration and a great many sleepless nights helped me recognise a pattern. The snoring stopped in a certain sleep position: on the side with the neck/head slightly tilted back and the mouth closed. The idea of being able to control sleep position in a comfortable manner matured in 2005.

Product development started and, in parallel, I put questions on the subject to various doctors/researchers, attended sleep congresses and conferences, and devoted myself to studying data. I wanted to learn more about snoring, its causes and risks.

I discovered afterwards that the sleep position I was trying to attain could be compared to the recovery position.

The idea has never been that this collar would be able to provide 100% relief for everyone. It will, however, be able to help many achieve a reduction in snoring. The cause and extent of snoring depend on anatomy, weight, lifestyle, age, how long one has snored for as well as the position in which one sleeps.

I have summarised the things I have learnt through the years. I hope you take the time to read through this instruction manual and derive benefit and enjoyment from it. When you understand why you snore and know what methods you can employ, it will be so much easier to do something about the situation. More open airways reduce/eliminate snoring.

Wishing you a good night’s sleep,

Ann-Christine Krook
CEO / Founder of Eezyflow


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